I am a woman – Feminist-oriented training for women

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 Psychologists and trainers rarely see that women’s problems are rooted in a social context. Therefore we have started to provide trainings for women where we can reflect together on our different roles as women and the different kind of expectations coming from society. We consider it very important that while we talk about structural problems that appear in society or in a company, we also work together on what we can do against them in our own lives.


What is our aim?

We would like to help our participants
  • to gain confidence and higher self-esteem
  • to be empowered to fulfill their potential
  • to be able to experience intimacy in their relationships
  • to learn conflict management and gain assertive communication skills
  • to resolve shame, guilt and other negative emotions affecting women
  • to be aware of and thus be able to overcome the internal obstacles which hold them back
  • to keep work-life balance
  • to understand and challenge gender inequality


Who are we?

Katalin Vida, counseling psychologist
Dóra Máriási, psychologist, autogen training therapist


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