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Counselling psychologist, Crisis Specialist,

Couples and Family Therapist Candidate, Grief Recovery Specialist

I earned my Master`s degree in Psychology at Károli Gáspár University and after a few years working as a school psychologist received my second Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology with a focus on Crisis.

As a psychologist, I work in public education, child protection and private practice.

Day-to-day, I am offering counseling services to adults, families, couples and adolescents dealing with adjustment problems, difficult life transitions and situations, losses, trauma and emotional difficulties, individually and in groups.

I support those who turn to me in difficult life situations, changes in circumstances, milestones or decision making situations, where in order for them to recognise and overcome their challenges they need the help of a professional. These life situations can be simple decision making situations, major blockages, relationship difficulties, parenting problems, parent-child conflicts, life management issues, self-knowledge needs, work-life balance, school difficulties for children and adolescents.

In case

  • You feel like You would like to share the current difficulties of Your life with a professional,
  • or You are before a decision-making situation where support is needed or would be welcome,
  • or You need assistance in finding a solution to a current life situation, or
  • or perhaps to mobilize Your resources or develop coping skills,

I would gladly accompany you on this journey.

My key areas:

  • child-parent conflict
  • parenting issues
  • difficulties at school
  • relationship problems and crises
  • life management issues
  • family crises
  • couple crisis
  • grief recovery
  • blockages
  • online counselling

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