Clinical psychologist, Lecturer at ELTE PPK,
Department of Clinical Psychology and Addictology

I was graduated as a psychologist at University of Debrecen, 2001, and as a clinical psychologist at Semmelweis University, Budapest, 2005. I have diverse clinical experiences: I had been working in adult psychiatry department, drog ambulance, counselling centers for university students and pupils. I obtained a doctoral degree in theoretical psychoanalysis at University of Pécs (2011), and wrote my thesis on psychoanalytic approach to creative process and personality and psychobiographical method.

Since then I have published two books and several articles in this subject in national and international journals. As a professional helper I am dealing with individual cases: with everyday conflicts and crises, self-esteem, partnership and identity problems, loss and grief using dynamic and existentialist approaches. In therapeutic process I often focus on dreams, dream series which reflect on the inner transformations of the client and help us following significant psychological changes.


Individual psychological counseling


English language counseling