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Dr László Lajtai

Psychiatrist, Child psychiatrist, and Psychotherapist Specialist


I graduated at the Semmelweis Medical University in 1989; then, I worked for the National Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology. I did my PhD at the University of Edinburgh, based on a research that focused on Multilingualism and Mental Health in Mauritius. I also worked a number of years as a Child Psychiatrist in the United Kingdom. Now I am a university lecturer at the Eötvös Lóránd University and the Semmelweis University. In the Budai Counselling Centre, my areas are diagnostics in Psychiatry and Child Psychiatry, and, if necessary, carrying out psychiatric treatments in co-operation with other collueagues of the Centre.

Specialist consultation with Dr. László Lajtai, child and adolescent psychiatrist and adult psychiatrist

50 minutes, 35 000 HUF/appointment
25 minutes, 20 000 ft/appointment

Specialist consultation in English with Dr. László Lajtai, child and youth psychiatrist and adult psychiatrist

50 minutes, 50 000 Ft/appointment
25 minutes, 30 000 ft/appointment


Psychiatric consultation

Child psychiatric consultation

Psychiatric diagnostics

Psychiatric treatment