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Horváth Zsuzsanna Budai Tanácsadó


Psychologist (specialized in Developmental and Clinical Child Psychology), parent-infant/small child consultant

Mental health in the early years is the focus of my work, as a psychologist and parent-infant/small child consultant I work with families with children 0-3(4) years.

Previously I gained professional experience in nurseries and at Pedagogical Assistance Services as part of the early intervention team.

How can I help?

–          If you experience difficulties with feeding/eating, sleeping, behaviour or emotion regulation regarding your infant/small child that makes you worried and has negative impact on daily life

–          In case of any change in circumstances, unexpected life event or loss impacts impact your family life therefore the infant/small child; or you wish to prepare her/him to any changes that are expected

–          Or if you simply have questions about the development of the infant/small child or your parenting style

Please, contact me so that we can work out the right solution for you.

To schedule an appointment, please contact our psychologist

Egyéni pszichológiai tanácsadás, szülő-csecsemő/kisgyermek konzulens