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Clinical psychologist

I was born in Mátészalka in 1974. I graduated as a teacher of English Literature and Language at the age of twenty three. I started my studies in psychology when my first child was born and after the birth of my second child I went back to study again to become an adult clinical psychologist. I have been practicing as a psychologist for over ten years. I have spent half of this period with working at the hospital in Mátészalka, at the Department of Neurology. I spent the other half  doing  diagnostic work, as well as various clinical testing I also run resilience workshops within the organisation every now and then. Right now, I am working as a full time therapist under MBT supervision.

I specialize in depression, panic, phobia, bereavement, substance abuse, early childhood trauma including emotional, sexual and physical abuse. Moreover, I have experience in treating problems where the main focus is on somatic pains without having any biological cause, where psychotherapy can make suffering and pain more bearable, complimentary to medical treatment (e.g: sleep problems, dizziness, pains in the neck, headache, back pain).

I either use integrative hypnotherapy, which can speed up difficult and erratic therapeutic processes, and it can bridge early experiences with the here and now. I am studying MBT (mentalization based treatment) which focuses on developing reflectivity on the self and other, inner and outer reality, cognitive and affective components of our thinking systems. This complex mind process is actually the foundation of emotional regulation, bonding and many aspects of interpersonal relationships. When its precarious equilibrium fails, we experience stress in many different ways. I have many years of practice in mindfulness, and a qualification  which enables me to run MBCT (mindfulness based cognitive therapy).

I work with my clients and help them to find their way without telling them what to do.  During my years as a psychologist I have encountered many people with exceptional mindset grown from circumstances far from ordinary. As the eye cannot see itself so the soul can only experience the different aspects of itself in the mirror of another human being. Therapeutic alliance can give space to gather that kind of  reflections.

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